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About Us

Welcome to Qimaoshopping.

Our startup team, Qimaoshopping, which is a website owned by Zhuhai Qimao Technology Company Limitid is dedicated to be one of the abundant online pet supply stores.

Our main focus is to sell online everyday products for dogs and cats, toys for dogs and cats, and travel products for dogs and cats. Our goal is to provide our customers with a quick and easy way to buy pet supplies.

We sell unique indoor and outdoor pet supplies here. At, we understand how to treat our pets better and live happily with them. When you buy cat and dog supplies at, you have the freedom to choose from our shelves of cat and dog supplies, our cat supplies include cat scratching boards as well as sleeping cat nests, we also have cat supplies that are both, which can be used as cat scratching boards as well as cat nests, which makes it more space efficient for the owners who keep them.

We strive to always be trustworthy, professional and competent in our sales, service, advice and the way we treat our customers. In addition, our cat and dog products, are made from materials that are made from safe materials. As you browse our website, we hope you find something that will add more fun and health to your pet. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! We want you to be completely satisfied. We want you to not only become our customer, but we want you to recommend us to your friends. takes customer service very seriously, so place your order with confidence.

*Please note: Our products are currently only sold to customers in the United States, and orders from other countries and regions (including Russia and Ukraine) are temporarily not accepted.

Company Name: Zhuhai Qimao Technology Company Limited
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Contact number: +86 130-8581-1777
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