Cat Scratching Board Wear-resistant Sisal Round Cat Claw Ball Toy

Cat Scratching Board Wear-resistant Sisal Round Cat Claw Ball Toy


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Scratching is a natural cat behavior that contributes greatly to a cat’s overall health. This cat scratcher provides a special place to satisfy this instinctive need to keep your cat’s paws strong and exercised.
The scratching post is tightly wrapped with strong sisal twine, providing plenty of room for lively cats to stretch their paws from all angles. Pure natural sisal material, safe and environmentally friendly, can withstand enthusiastic use. With its vertical design, your lazy hairball will stretch out with every scratch. Not to mention your kitty will be delighted as the paws tear through the charming texture of the sisal fabric.

Large space scratching board nest
Tight corrugated paper, not easy to hurt claws, can scratch can sleep.

Top from the forest double teasing stick
Fur ball + feather + bell pin irresistible temptation.

Built-in bell pin ball
The ball game, double the fun.

Two-color sisal tracing column
Natural sisal material, strong winding, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant.
Cat scratching column using sisal material fiber texture tough, wear-resistant, salt and alkali resistant, corrosion-resistant cats can feel free to scratch around and chew, to play to their heart’s content.

This sturdy cat stand is carefully constructed to fully support the daily fun of energetic children. The large base provides reliable stability against wobbling or tipping, giving you peace of mind. Sturdy pillars reinforced with high-quality sisal will hold up well under severe scratches.

🐱 Our cat tree is made of high-quality sisal scratching trunk, tightly wound, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, allowing your pet to fully release the wild nature of climbing, while preventing other furniture from being scratched
🐱 Our cat scratching rod cat tree has feathers for your kitty to have fun while jumping up and down. The flowers are covered in soft faux shearling for your pet to sleep comfortably on. The hanging plush ball can attract cats to start hunting game. It is definitely an ideal cat furniture integrating entertainment, rest and exercise.
🐱 Our cat tree can accommodate 2-3 kittens to play at the same time, definitely an interactive and magical playground for your cat, practical and beautiful, save space, add more color and vitality to your home

Name: Ball scratching board toy
Material: corrugated paper, sisal, cloth


Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 7.5 in


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