Large Multifunctional Cat Climbing Frame

Large Multifunctional Cat Climbing Frame


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A playground for cats at home
Climbing up and down to play, sleeping and resting can also be satisfied


  • Five layers of multi-functional: can sleep, can play, can climb, to meet the multiple needs of cats.
  • Stable and safe: triangular-shaped column, not easy to tilt collapse or shake.
  • Preferred materials: preferably wear-resistant sisal, PP cotton and full polyester faux fur.

Multi-dimensional resting space
Soft Cloud Executive: lovely and warm, soft to the touch.
Warm full-bond litter: removable and easy to clean.
Comfortable semi-enclosed nest: suitable for lying down and sitting.
Spacious and large bottom: cats can lie down freely.

Multiple play spaces
Suspended small ball
Longer sisal rope
Spring ball
Extra large sisal ladder board

Preferred wear-resistant sisal
PP cotton full polyester faux fur, versatile gray, dirt-resistant, scratch-resistant, soft.
Preferred sisal material, tight and wear-resistant.
Rounded corners processing, safer, not easy to bump cause damage.

Product size
Five-layer large cat climbing frame
Product size: 600x600x1600mm
Package size: 610x190x610mm

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 7.5 in


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