Widened Area Efficient Hair Removal Pet Sticky Hair Device
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Widened Area Efficient Hair Removal Pet Sticky Hair Device


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Pet hair sticker
Floating hair debris, a roll that is clean. Solve the daily floating hair, seasonal hair loss troubles.

No trace of hair everywhere you go
Powerful sticker
Wider area
Smooth hair removal
Convenient storage

Rolling Jane body 60 tear / roll, really tear-resistant
Nickel-plated metal handle, durable and rust-free.
Hot melt sticky paper, a tear a, not easy to accidentally tear more savings.

Faster lint removal efficiency
Reduce the repeated pasting many times, roll twice, it is done.
16cm wider rolling Jane, lint removal area +60%.

4-layer professional coating for stronger adhesion, roll over without marks.
No residual glue left behind.
Not easily broken.
Does not hurt the fabric.

Pet hair sticker
Specifications: 60 tear / roll
Replacement set of two rolls size: 160x92x45mm
Material: polypropylene plastic, carbon steel, silicon white paper, hot melt adhesive
Caution: Avoid using on silk, leather and other special fabrics
Storage conditions: cool and dry place, not recommended to be exposed to high temperature, direct sunlight places

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 5 × 12 × 7.5 in


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